Thanks, before I do this, I'll try to load this on a windows 7/64 to ensure that its the TRANZPORT thats defective, if so I'l contact support to set it up.
Thanks for the response!

This is a brand new Tranzport- bought a few years ago and left in box version 1.0- I loaded it with new batteries, installed the latest software -_1.4.3 for OS 10.6.5, Snow Leopard from the website and after restarting plugged the usb cable in-the receiver blinked a few times then stopped. The transport manager seems to recognize it fine. But on the transport no link light comes on. Batteries read at 100% and I even tried to manually bind it as shown in the manual- pushing the button on the usb piece causes it to blink for about 15-30 seconds or so, and the transport display says "binding" but once it stops no link light ever comes on.
I want to use these with Protools 8 and it does show up in the Midi controllers section, but with no link light it wont work, also tried it as Itunes controller, nothing. Help?