Topic: Logic 8 Problem

OK, so I have a new alphatrack and trying to get the thing to work in Logic 8.

Installed CD (1.1), then ran 1.3 update. Logis did show up in drop down on alpha icon. In Logic the fader would not track but commands such as play, solo did. After reading this forum I found people with similar issues so I followed their process...but now there is no driver!

I removed both 1.1 & 1.3 from computer using un-installer
I went to Logic package contents and deleted alpha.bundle which supposedly is faulty. I then re-installed 1.3 driver from web.

Now when I open Logic in can't find the alphatrack.

Wondering what to do now?

Thanks for your time!

Re: Logic 8 Problem

Hi jbs,

Since you deleted the plug-in you'll need to manually install it back into the "MIDI Device Plug-Ins" folder.  You can get the latest (v1.2) from the link below.  It was actually added today to include an AlphaTrack icon instead of the generic midi icon that previous versions had.

Then launch Logic and it should recognize the AlphaTrack once again.


Re: Logic 8 Problem

I have problems with the AlphaTrack and Logic 8, too. When I start up Logic I always get a a message that says, 'Device AlphaTrack" is assigned to MIDI port "AlphaTrack" which is not present.' Sometimes the AlphaTrack recognizes my track selections in the LED screen, other times it ignores them, and all of the time, I just can't use it. The screen always shows "Pan" information.

I guess I just don't know how to use it. Is there a tutorial somewhere that I could follow to learn its features?


Re: Logic 8 Problem

Is your AlphaTrack plugged directly into your computer or through a USB hub?

If it's in a hub, try bypassing the hub and plug the AlphaTrack directly into your computer and relaunch Logic.

If you're not in a hub, try launching Logic and go to Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup.  Does AlphaTrack show up as an available control surface? Try highlighting the AlphaTrack's icon and then delete it and relaunch Logic (Logic will automatically create another one from scratch) and see if that helps.