Topic: Alphatrack, Logic 9, OS X 10.6 very unreliable

There seems to be no logic how the Alphatrack works with Logic 9 on Snow Leopard. Sometimes it loads correctly, sometimes need to reinstall all the software and replace the pluging in the Logic app contents, sometimes remove the Alphatrack from Logics controller setup. It's really annoying works when it wants to. I have it plugged into an external powered usb hub as well, the power from the MacbookPro usb ports dont seem to be enough. Come on, update drivers this is at the moment a very unprofessional product. I spend more time troubleshooting it than mixing with it.

Re: Alphatrack, Logic 9, OS X 10.6 very unreliable

ok seems it doesnt work if I start Logic straight from the project files, if I start the application on its own and from there open the projects it works...