Topic: Shuttle Strip Sends Pitch-Bend Messages to MIDI Tracks?

I'm new to the AlphaTrack and loving it. But one little thing threw me for a loop:

I was playing a SONAR 8PE project and using the AlphaTrack fader to write some volume automation to a MIDI track. My thumb accidentally touched the shuttle strip during playback. Suddenly my entire MIDI track was transposed.

Apparently touching the shuttle strip sent a pitch-bend message to the MIDI track. I had to bump the pitch-bend wheel on my MIDI keyboard to reset the track to the correct pitches.

Is this behavior normal...or is it some kind of feature that I've misunderstood? A quick search of the various documentation files didn't explain this.


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Re: Shuttle Strip Sends Pitch-Bend Messages to MIDI Tracks?

Hi Infinite5ths,

I just tried to replicate this on my end and I couldn't replicate your symptoms.  If you create a new project does the touch strip still act this way?  Have you done any midi mapping or sharing any midi channels with any other midi devices.  Does the touch strip still control the timeline?