Topic: UnZip Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1 ?

Am unable to unzip the "Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1" file under Safari on a Mac.
I have no program for this, any ideas please?

Have installed the "AlphaTrack Macintosh Installer v1.3" successfully.

Re: UnZip Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1 ?

The Story so far,

I Have installed the Alphatrack OSX download which shows in the "Applications" folder as "AlphaTrack Manager".

I have replaced the AlphaTrack bundle in the MIDI Device Plug-ins (Logic) with the new version dated 21 March 2008.

In Logic, under Preferences  I have clicked on "Rebuild Defaults"

The Controller is lighting up, no text, but that's all.

So near..

Re: UnZip Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1 ?

Have got it working, but don't know how, something in Logic maybe.

Is there a test or any way to confirm the correct working?

On the Alphatrack Control manager should I be in Logic or Native mode?

I have other external gear that installed first time, and thought that I had left this "Windows" mess behind.

Have mixed feelings about Alphatrack, the documentation could be far better..

Re: UnZip Logic 8 Plug-In v1.1 ?

Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. You should use Logic mode in the AlphaTrack manager but Logic should automatically switch to that once launched. You can test functionality in Logic by stepping through the 'Operational Details' section of the AlphaTrack/Logic user's guide and you can also check the layout to make sure it works as described. … t_v1.1.pdf … T_v1.1.pdf