Topic: Does Tranzport require a midi card?

I do not have a midi sound card.  Is it required?

I am running Windows XP SP3 using an Echo Mia (non-midi) sound card with Sonar 8.

I installed the driver, went in to Sonar, options, midi and there is no port available I can assign as input for the surface.  Am I doing something wrong?



Re: Does Tranzport require a midi card?

No midi card is required to use the TranzPort. 

If you launch Sonar and open the Options\MIDI Devices window. Enable the TranzPort MIDI port for both the Inputs and Outputs sections of the window, and then click OK. 

If you don't see the TranzPort in there, you should to to Sonar's shared surfaces folder and confirm that there is a TranzPort plug-in in that folder.  Once the plug-in is in place the TranzPort should show up there.

Next, open the Options\Control Surfaces window within SONAR and click the yellow “+” symbol on the right to open the pop-up menu “Control Surface Settings.” Select “Frontier TranzPort” from the list, set both the In Port and Out Port settings to the TranzPort, then click OK.