Topic: AlphaTrack Stopped Working

I've been a happy user of an AlphaTrack with Sonar 8 and Vista-32 for six months.  Suddenly, Sonar stopped responding to all controls on the AlphaTrack, but the AlphaTrack display responds to track changes made using the mouse.

After checking all of the Sonar settings, etc. I uninstalled the AlphaTrack software, then reinstalled.  Same problem.

I wanted to rule out a bad USB port, so I switched it to another.  This time, no response or display.  I switched back to the original USB port and got the same symptoms: no response or display.

I've gone through several Sonar restarts and system reboots.  I'm starting to think that it's a hardware problem. 

What should I do next?


Re: AlphaTrack Stopped Working

Hi MurMan,

Try deleting the instance of AlphaTrack in Sonar's Control Surface list then re-add it and see if that helps.


Re: AlphaTrack Stopped Working


This worked like a champ.

Looking back on my scenario, I probably inadvertantly changed the "In Port" setting on the Sonar Controller which broke control inputs.  The re-install then broke the "Out Port" setting.

Thanks for the fast reply.  I really like having the A-T back.