Topic: HUI communication message


Just upgrade  to PT8 on xpSP3

I get this message HUI can't communicate with PT, Power cycle HUI and check out connection.

I installed latest drivers, connection is fine,

I kind of lost here :-(


Re: HUI communication message

Hi Audiokid,

If you have already selected 'HUI' from the AlphaTrack manager prior to launching ProTools and you have already configured the AlphaTrack in PT's peripherals (Type=HUI, Send To=AlphaTrack, Receive From= AlphaTrack) then I'd make sure that you are running ProTools as an administrator to see if that helps.


Re: HUI communication message

You may also want to make sure that you are running ProTools 8 as an administrator.  We've had some customers mention that this solved their problems with the HUI message.