Topic: HELP! DP4.61 and AlphaTrack Won't Work

DinoShort wrote:

My new AlphaTrack and DP4 just plain won't work. I've gone through all the troubleshooting guides/advice as follows:
AlphaTrack manager shows up in upper right of the Mac.
AlphaTrack shows up in Audio MIDI Setup
AlphaTrack shows up in DP's Control Surface Setup under the Setup Menu & the AlphaTrack shows up in the MIDI drop down menu in the Control Surface Setup box. (Note however, that only HUI, Mackie Control, and Radial SAC show up in the driver drop down menu in the same box but no AlphaTrack Native choice shows up.)

AlphaTrack manager gives me a choice of AlphaTrack Native, ProTools (HUI), Final Cut Pro (MCU), andSoundtrack Pro (MCU).

The only way I got it to do anything at all was to choose ProTools (HUI) in the AlphaTrack manager and HUI in DP's Control Surface Setup. Even then all that would happen is for a short while I got a audio fader & pan to move then it jumped to a MIDI track on it's own and moved that fader. One of the rotary encoders would cycle through Marker 1, Marker 2, ect. ect. but the transport did not respond. Besides all my markers have discreet names in this DP file. Â AlphaTrack caused several tracks to deselect (i.e. not show up in the window) in the Mixer window. Eventually it became totally unresponsive. Â The transport buttons do nothing at all.

AlphaTrack recommends using AlphaTrack Native but as I mentioned, DP has no choice for that.

I contacted Frontier Designs before purchase and they ASSURED me I would have at least basic functions in my setup.

I have a feeling this has something to do with AlphaTrack Native not showing up as a choice in DP's Control Surface Setup box. But why? How do you get it to show up?

I have done everything mentioned in the setup guides.

They have works with DP on the box but no DP specific instructions in any of the guides. (They do have a PDF for DP5 but it offers no troubleshooting clues.)

Here's my system info:

Mac OS 10.4.11
MacMini 1.33 GHz PPC G4 1GB RAM
DP 4.61Â

AlphaTrack Drivers for 10.3.9 and later installed. These are from the CD ROM that came with AlphaTrack but thre are no further updates on the web site.

This should have been easy. I'm pretty PO'd right now. Four hours of my life gone forever!

Please advice.


CS:Hello Dino,

I suspect this is a fairly simple setup issue. AT does work fine with DP4.61 just as with DP5 (and now 6). I'm sorry, but from your note above I am a little confused by exactly where you are and aren't seeing the AT appear in your control surface setup panel so here is what you should find.

When you open DP/Setup/Control Surface Setup (and click the '+' button if it is empty) you should see 2 entries to select, 'Driver' and 'MIDI'. You should be able to click on the right if each field and select 'AlphaTrack' and 'Frontier Design AlphaTrack-16' in each box respectively. If AT does not show up under the 'Drivers' menu (along with the HUI, MC, and SAC options) then that means that the DP Control Surface Plug-in is not being seen. The most common reason for this is that it hasn't been installed into the MacHD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/MOTU Control Surface folder as per the DP Guide setup instructions. The control surface plug-in is not installed as part of the basic driver installer package.

'Native' mode is definitely the correct setting to use in the AlphaTrack Manager as well.

Double check the plug-in and let us know if you are still having troubles. We'll be happy to help.