Topic: Track Name from Sonar Displayed on LCD?

Considering purchase of an AlphaTrack for use with Sonar. 

With regard to the information shown in the LCD screen, I have read that it will display parameter info when using the 3 rotary knobs to change FX parameters. But is that the only info it will display? 

Let's say you have used the track advance button to move the AlphaTrack to a different track.  Will it display the track name that you typed into the DAW software ?  For example a track named "Lead Guitar" or a Bus named "Vocal Bus". 

Otherwise how do you know for sure which track you advanced to (or is there some indication in the DAW software itself that tells which track the AlphaTrack is set to control?)   Thanks.

Re: Track Name from Sonar Displayed on LCD?

Hello dalemccl,

Actually the AlphaTrack's display can show many things depending on which of the 5 mode buttons you select, including track name.

Basic track name, pan and level positions. Send selection as well as level, EQ settings, plug-in and automation parameters.

Additionally in SONAR you can enable the WAI (Where Am I) feature and have an indicator on screen to always show you where the AlphaTrack is sitting.


Re: Track Name from Sonar Displayed on LCD?

Thanks.  That helps.