Topic: Tranzport & Pro-tools

After reinstalling PT 7.4,  my Trazport stopped working, all I get is a blinking green led on the interface and "Battery" on the actual unit.
The icon is still there, I also changed the batteries but nothing happens.

I'm running System OSX 10.4.11
on a Mac Pro 2x2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon

Can you please help?

Thank you,


Re: Tranzport & Pro-tools

Hello Carlos,

If you just reinstalled PT did you reconfigure the TranzPort as a HUI device in the PT Peripherals set up menu? Go to Setup/Peripherals/MIDI Controllers and verify that you have assigned 1 HUI device with its "Send To" and "Receive From" set to "TranzPort".

If that doesn't do it and Pro Tools isn't complaining about communication errors with the HUI then it thinks everything is ok. That means that the computer is seeing the USB interface ok and the problem is just between the remote and the USB interface. If the batteries had gone down initially and you attempted rebind it may not have had enough power to do so successfully. Try pressing Shift+Battery on the remote then immediately pressing the link button on the USB remote. That greed light should go on steady meaning it is linked and you should be ok.


Re: Tranzport & Pro-tools

Thank you so much!

everything works now.