Topic: Generic icon won't die! (Logic 8)

compaqdrew wrote:

okay, so

Logic Pro (Studio) 8.0.2
OSX 10.5.4
Driver 1.3.0
Bundle 1.1 (Yes, I realize they are separate, and yes I installed them both.)

So as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working... but the "how to use this with Logic" PDF insists that I should have an actual picture of the alphatrack in contoller setup.  Instead I have the generic midi keyboard.

Things I have tried:

* Deleting / recopying bundle
* Rebuild Defaults
* Deleting alphatrack from controller setup
* Repair permissions
* Restarting logic after various combinations of the above

So interesting bit of trivia... if I go to the control setup and manually add a new device, the list looks like this:

Motor Mix

Whenever I select AlphaTrack,  the picture never changes from whatever was last shown.  i.e. if I arrow down the list from "Motor Mix" to AlphaTrack, the MotorMix picture will stay there on the left.  Likewise, if I arrow up from Tranzport, I see a TranzPort picture.  Of course the "Add" button closes the window and shows me the Generic keyboard.

The pulldown menu in the system menubar switches to Logic whenever Logic is open, so it appears Logic isn't completely clueless.

Also of note is that I'm experiencing this behavior on two separate machines (my macbook and mac pro).  Identically  configured.  These are pretty fresh installs too, so I doubt it could be a software configuration issue.

CS:Hello Drew,

don't worry about the icon. You'll find a couple other threads about that here too. It seems Leopard doesn't always grab the icon file correctly. Not sure whether it is an issue with the icon itself or something in the OS, but it has no affect on AlphaTrack or its function with Logic.  So as long as everything is working as it should you're good to go.