Topic: Interference from iPhone

Has anyone else experienced this?  If I place my 3G iPhone within a foot or so of the AlphaTrack, it goes crazy - lights start flashing, the Rec/Solo/Mute buttons turn on and off randomly, the fader moves up and down.

Re: Interference from iPhone

Hello Scotty,

yes, that can happen.  The AlphaTracks touch sensors are pretty sensitive and are scanned at a constant frequency whether you are touching it or not. Cell phones, particularly when they are ringing, can  interfere with its normal behavior if they are right next to it.

So, no you aren't going crazy. Well, with the phone thing anyway........... :)


Re: Interference from iPhone

This happens with Cell phones in studios all the time!  It's not just the iPhone but all cell phones and I usually try to keep mine away from any and all electronic devices when I'm working in my studio!