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How does a plugin developer make their plugin so that it works with the AlphaTrack?  I'm beta testing a new EQ for 112db in Pro Tools 8 and though some of the parameters show up in the AlphaTrack I'm unable to control them...using my midi controller instead.  So it got me thinking.  How is it done?  How thes the process work between you and a developer.  Does Digi need to also be involved too make a third party plugin work in the AT?  It would be great to have this new line of plugins work with the AT.  Go here to see it:

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Hello Gothboy,

Control Surfaces used with  ProTools specifically, have to work differently than with most other popular DAWs. And sometimes this can really complicate things. EQ control is an excellent example.
First, any plug-in that works normally with PT should be editable via AlphaTracks "Plug-In mode" This just sorts through the entire parameter list just like a normal HUI would. The trouble with an EQ is that you really want to see parameters as sets (bands), and grouped in a certain fashion.

The root of the problem with PT is that Digidesign only allows 3rd party controllers to communicate with PT using HUI protocol. I'm sure this is all old news to most users. The HUI protocol has no special "EQ" mode for control. So how is this done you ask?

Well, honestly, with a great deal of smoke and mirrors. For us to present and ordered Freq, Gain, Q style EQ layout by band we have to be able to do several things.  None of which PT likes to do. There is a whole lot of virtual HUI button pressing going on in the back ground that the user never sees, and plug-in name/location and timing is critical. We have to write into the driver the exact name of the Plug-In and where to find it. This is why currently you can only do this with EQ III and it must be in slot C. This is also why it is currently broken in PT8. Because Digi renamed the EQ. We will have to release a new driver to match it soon.
Then we have to know exactly what order the parameters appear in the default list and call them in the background. Again, a bunch of virtual move that Digi never intended.

Long story short - it isn't so much that we need the developer to do anything special other than would be normal, although having the preferred parameters appear in order is nice. It really takes a bunch of magic coding on our end to make it 'appear' as if EQ mode really exists in ProTools the way it does in other apps.

Ultimately it would be great if one day Digi published a real external control interface but I ain't holding my breath for that one.


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So are you saying that because it's an EQ it's impossible or somehow do-able?  What about the Redline Reverb?  It's not an EQ and some of the paramaters show up in the Alphatrack.

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Oops, I missed your reply. Sorry for the confusion. I can get a little carried away sometimes.

Any plug-in, regardless of function (EQ, Reverb, Delay, etc) that fits the standard model and presents its parameters to the app (PT in this case) for control should also be accessable to the AlphaTrack whenever AlphaTrack is in "Plug-In" mode. If there are some parameters that don't seem to appear then they likely aren't in the list the app sees and wouldn't appear on any other control surface either. We are using the same HUI spec as everybody else (except Digi themselves that is).

Regarding EQ's, and "EQ" mode on ALphaTrack, that is where we use our special hocus-pokus to make each band parameters appear in order on the encoders. That wouldn't happen normally because of the HUI limitations.

Hope that makes more sense.


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Yes....I understand it a bit more thanks!  So a plugin developer must present it's paramaters to Digi for them to be recognised by the HUI controller.