Topic: PT LE 8 on a MAC OS 10.5.6 - nothing

no icon in the corner. not binding. etc.

the most i got after installing was the Transport Manager letting me know that the Tranzport is not available.

i've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times.

when i plug in the usb hub it blinks 2-3 times and goes out.

tranzport batteries are in and it lights up/displays fine.


Re: PT LE 8 on a MAC OS 10.5.6 - nothing

Hello Armassive,

If the TranzPort Manager says "Not Available" then the computer isn't seeing the USB interface at all yet. This can be caused by a couple things. The most common cause  is old drivers. Particularly if you have an Intel based Mac.

1. Make sure that you update to the latest TranzPort drivers from … TranzPort. Remember to disconnect the TranzPort when running the installer.

2. Use the mac Disk Utilities to Repair Permissions - This is also a good thing to do periodically.

Let us know if one of these doesn't do it.