Topic: Fader shocks with Protools le 8

Im using de alphatrack with Protools le 8 and the fader shocks. I have an Imac 2.4 duo.
I installed the latest drivers.
I also use logic on this mac, that was a problem too but that's solved removing the old plugin from logic.
But in Protools it doens work properly. Help!

Re: Fader shocks with Protools le 8

Hello Erik,

I'm guessing you mean shakes instead of shocks?

In the case of Logic, yes, replacing the stock Logic Plug-In for AlphaTrack with our posted version will fix a problem like this.

However Pro Tools shouldn't have any similar problem if you have the current drivers and have set the AlphaTrack Manager for "Pro Tools (HUI)" mode.

My initial suggestion would be to delete your Pro Tools Preferences files in case they have become corrupted.