Topic: AT & PT8 & UAD plug control parameter.


I'm a new owner of the AlphaTracks.

I run ProTools LE 8 on Win XP pro and UAD2.

The first thing is that, the parameter of the plugin are not highlighted on the UAD plug, but I can do without but this probleme less :

I have a problem on ajusting the plug-in parameter of the Neve 88RS(Channel Strip)

They are some parameters that I can't control because they're not appears or appears on the not right rows(bottom):

On the Gate/Expander modul:
I can't control the HYST and the threshold.

On the Limiter/Compressor module,

I can't control the Gain and the Threshold.

On the EQ module.

I can't control the frequency and Gain of Low and High Frequency.
But the parameters appears like a on/off(the bottom row) but this not, it's a gain and frequency turn knobs.

On the Cut Filter modul,

I can't select the frequency i can just turn on/off

It's difficult in this condition to make a good using of the controler.

They're a solution for control this parameter.

Thank you for you help.

I'm frustrated because all UAD plugin in my Protools LE8 are not very well take in considération with the Alpha Tracks.

Some works but some are reconize like a on/off but they're not a on/off it's turn knobs.

They are a solution for ajust with the right knobs, the parameter what are on the rows bottom.

PS: sorry for my english but is not ma langage.

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Re: AT & PT8 & UAD plug control parameter.

Hello NuDub,

No problem with your English. I can understand you just fine. And welcome to our forums.

With regards to any plug-ins that you may use in ProTools, whether they are original or 3rd party plug-ins that you add separately. The AlphaTrack will always emulate a HUI controller as per Digidesign's spec and "see" all parameters that each software developer makes available to external control via HUI. In this case unfortunately we have no control over which parameters work or don't work. Likewise the parameter highlighting is determined by PT as well. Normally PT will highlight 4 parameters at a time because that is what would appear on an actual HUI device. But I am not certain if they do this with all 3rd party software.

With parameters that offer 'On/Off' type choices you can still operate them with the encoders by either pressing the encoder (like a switch) or turning left/right. You may have to try both methods to find out which  responds the best. Some things like EQ bands or the Cut Filter may not allow some parameters to operate until you turn them on. Give this a try and we hope you find that it works.


I hope you