Topic: ProTools unable to communicate with HUI

jmiller wrote:

Hi, folks. I've got a dual boot Vista Ultimate32bit/XP PC. I've got ProTools (7.4cs5) and the AlphaTrack installed on both partitions. Until recently this was working just fine. But just last night I'm no longer able to get the AlphaTrack and ProTools to communicate in Vista. It works fine in XP. I've confirmed that the AT is running in HUI mode. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the AT but it's made no difference. I've also tried different USB ports, to no avail. All the while it is still working in XP. Mind you, it was also working in Vista until just now.

Any ideas? I keep reaching for the AT to make adjustments and then realize I can't :(

CS:Hi J,

The first thing to check is to go back to the ProTools/Setup/Peripherals/MIDI Controllers and make sure that the 'Send To" and "Receive From" are both still set to the AlphaTrack when you are in the Vista partition. ProTools can change these settings any time you do an update or any other thing that touches the preferences. The next thing is to make sure you haven't changed any settings in Vista that would cause the AlphaTrack's MIDI ports to be blocked. Turning OFF the Windows Audio Service for example, will also disable all WDM MIDI ports in Windows. Otherwise it should work fine in Vista.


jmiller wrote:

Sorry for not getting back to this for so long, I've been way too busy.

I'm not sure what it was but I got it going again.

I had been making sure that the HUI send and receive settings were correct, but after applying the settings PT and AT still could not communicate. There must have been some conflict, because I got it working now. Thanks!