Topic: Encoder resolution in Sonar

Feature request for Sonar plugin: it would be great if the encoder resolution for the Frequency in EQ mode was adjusted to smaller steps (1 or 2 Hz) for frequencies below 500 Hz when in fine mode.

When controlling the Sonitus EQ plugin, the current resolution in fine mode seems to be around 165 Hz per step, which is unworkable when trying to make adjustments in the lower frequency range. Also when flipping control to the fader making fine adjustments in the lower frequency range is still difficult.

I can't find out if this behaviour is the same for the build-in channel EQ in Sonar, as I currently cannot control the build-in channel EQ parameters in Sonar 6.2.1 (see the "Alpha wont control Sonar 6 EQ" topic about this problem); I presume it is, as the build-in channel EQ is based on the original Sonitus EQ plugin. Or am I wrong on this?

Please look into this request. Although the Alphatrack-Sonar documentation notes that in with some plugins not all parameters respond well to encoder adjustment due to probable interface limitations, I would very much like to see a solution for this (in my opinion) important function (unless the build-in channel EQ does respond better to fine adjustments, but as I mentioned, I can't find that out).