Topic: Problem with Send mode in Sonar 6

Strange issue with Send Enable and Pre/Post switches in the Send mode in Cakewalk Sonar 6: the Alphatrack displays the correct values and seems to change the settings in Sonar, but you can not see the options being changed in Sonar itself (neither in track view or console view). In other words: you can actually hear the Send being switched on/off or pre/post, but this does not show up in Sonar, the state of the switches stays unaffected (the other way around works ok: changing in Sonar shows up correctly on the Alpha). Changes are not saved either when on/off or pre/post is changed using the Alpha.

This is only for the Send Enable and Pre/Post settings. Send #, Level and Pan are working correctly (and show up in Sonar).

Windows XP 32 Pro
Cakewalk Sonar 6.2.1
Alphatrack windows driver v1.2
Alphatrack Sonar plugin v1.04

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Re: Problem with Send mode in Sonar 6

If you are using the Sonar 6 Studio version then this sounds like a bug specific to that version. The Producer version and Sonar Studio 7 and 8 do not share this problem.



Re: Problem with Send mode in Sonar 6

That is indeed the case, I'm using Sonar 6 Studio. Maybe I'm going to upgrade.
Thanks for answering.