Topic: Pro Tools LE 6.1

Does anyone have knowledge on the compatibility of the Alphatrack with Pro Tools LE 6.1 (digi 001) running Win XP?  I'm highly considering the purchase of the Alphatrack.

Re: Pro Tools LE 6.1

Hello jscroggs81,

While we don't have a copy of PT6.1 here to test with it should work just fine. Any version of PT that supports the HUI controller should support the AlphaTrack or TranzPort as they simply emulate that device. PT has no idea that it isn't a real HUI controller.

Go to your Setup/Peripherals/MIDI Controllers menu and see if the HUI is listed under Device type. If it is then you should be all set. If not you can probably download the HUI profile from the Digi website and add it in.

good luck,