Topic: Channel Change

Is it possible to change the midi channel that Alphatrack sends on?

It seems to send on CH 16.  Is this correct? Can that be changed?

Re: Channel Change

Hello Rishi,

The MIDI channel that AlphaTrack uses varies depending on which application your are using it with. The basic driver uses channel1 by default but that may be changed from the apps point of view by its specific control surface plug-in, or how the app manufacturer supports the device.  MOTU for instance can see it on other channels but they that you use channel 16 to prevent it from potentially interfering with other things. That is determined by MOTU rather than us.

So it gets to be a bit of a complicated question as you can see. I suppose that you could use something like MIDI Yoke to force a channel change but it may cause other problems with whatever app you are using. Can't hurt to experiment though.


Re: Channel Change

Thanks.  I am using it with Ableton Live.  I have a number of controllers, and sometimes I get conflicts.  Its not a hige problem, but I just thought I could avoid any problems if I could set the midi channel.