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cubase 3.1.1
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Hey guys, my AT has been working great with no issues at all.. now suddenly for some reason i can not trigger individual read or write on any tracks. I can only do the R/W "all tracks" in the auto mode with the left dial. if i use the right dial the channel write mode is "off" and when i rotate the dial is just stays that way. When i do a shift function and press the play or record nothing happens, when this used to arm the track with a read or write.. very strange. hope i made that clear enough.. any ideas? im using the latest cubase drivers not sure whats up.. any help would be much appreciated.. thanks!!

also one more thing.. when i download the newest drivers, the .zip file on the website says, but when i unzip it, it says its version

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Re: cubase 3.1.1 R/W issue

Hello Flipnap,

Yes, this is true. Cubase/Nuendo 4 and later use a different method of arming individual tracks so the v1.07 plug-in doesn;t work right with Cubase 3.

Instead, go to our AlphaTrack downloads page and click at the top for older versions. Download and copy the appropriate v1.06 Cubase plug-in into your components folder and you should be ok. … loads/Prev


Re: cubase 3.1.1 R/W issue

okay that explains it prolly.. i remember downing the newer plugin and thats when i think it stopped working.. now i have an even stranger thing happening.. i downloaded the one you told me to.. i unzipped it and when i drag the .dll file into my components folder it automatically changes to no matter what version i paste into my components folder it copies in and then says its very strange.. im thinking some other installed component is making it default to this.. am i losing my mind?

thanks again

update.. i had someone else at work check this file (in case it was something weird on my machine, and they are reporting the 1.0.6 link is actually downloading a file

update (again).. okay well, your suggestion was basically my problem.. i think things are fine and AT is working with the read write.. something very strange though.. when i downloaded the 1.0.6 file, which i now know is actuall 1.0.5, that would enable the shift function to individually arm the tracks, but not the rotary knobs.. heres the weird part.. i downloaded version 1.0.40.. if i drag that file into my components window the file name changes to 1.0.50.. if i literally drag that file back out of the components folder, the name changes back to 1.0.4 again!! i have been working on computers for 20 years and never seen anything like that.. and oddly enough, it is functioning as 1.0.4 version, even though the name changes to 1.0.5 because now all my read writes are working properly.. wow...

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Re: cubase 3.1.1 R/W issue

Hello flipnap,

well, the "internal" version number for plug-in versions 1.06 and 1.07 does still read however, the version that the AlphaTrack LCD displays when Cubase/Nuendo is launched should show the correct version number. So I am puzzled by this behavior as well.

But if it is all working correctly now then I would let it be. If you update to Cubase 4 or later at some point in the future then you will definitely want to update the plug-in file as well.