Topic: ableton 7 and alphatrack unresponsiveness

minniemouse wrote:

Just updated to ableton 7. My alhpatrack which was working fine in 6 is now unable to run in mackie control mode. It still can be assigned via midi mapping mode. Obviously i have made certain that the applet is set to live control mode before starting live, and i have tried reinstalling the driver (1.2). Any ideas?

CS:Hello Minnie,

not sure why that might be. AT works well with Live 7. I have v7.01 on an office machine and just ran it briefly. If you are seeing an AT icon on your desktop then it probably isn't a driver issue. Is this on a Mac or PC? Double check your MIDI port settings in the Live/Preferences/MIDI Sync menu to be sure the 'Mackie Control' has AlphaTrack set for Input and Output. Do you have any other apps that AT is compatible with to test its functionality?

Let us know and we'll try to help.


minniemouse wrote:

i updated live and now its fixed.