Topic: Digital Performer Feature Request

I don't even know if this is possible but...

In DP 6.02 when I'm adjusting the level of a send on a particular track using the AlphaTrack, turning the 1st rotary knob will scroll me through "Snd 1" "Snd 2" "Snd 3" and so on.

Is there any facility in DP so that *if* I have actually assigned Send 1 to a bus and given that bus a name like "VoxRVB" within DP, that instead of seeing the generic "Snd 1" the AlphaTrack's display could show the first 5 letters of my actual bus name that appears in that send assignment on DP's channel strip on the computer screen?  That is to say, if Send 1 is assigned to a bus, it would appear (using the above example) as "VoxRV" on AlphaTrack's display instead of "Snd 1".

That would be VERY cool if it were possible to program that into the DP AlphaTrack plug-in, but I'm worried MOTU probably didn't build in the facility for a passing that info to the AlphaTrack??

Re: Digital Performer Feature Request

Hi James,

Ya, that would be helpful for sure. I suspect that we can't see the name though, which is why we are just using numbers now. We'll have to go back a look again to be sure. Often the DAW writers just  don't think of that at the time they are putting it together.

I put it in the list.