Topic: Going through FOLDER tracks...

sakamacheee wrote:

Hello ! and... sorry for my bad english ;)

i've just received my AT this morning, and i find it so great !

Ok, now... on Cubase 4, i use to put all my audio tracks in a specific folder track, and all the midi ones in another folder track.

When i move from an audio track to another one, using the AT encoders, it's allright. The problem is that i can't reach the midi folder track, and all the midi tracks. I've to use the mouse, clicking on a midi track, and then go back to the AT...

Is there a way to solve this problem ?...

Thanks for helping me


CS:Hello Saka,

Good news.... your English isn't so bad.

I am not aware of any reason why you wouldn't be able to access your midi tracks, unless you have then hidden in some other way as well. Can you tell me, do you have any trouble getting to midi tracks that aren't in a folder?


sakamacheee wrote:

Ok... problem solved !

reading your answer, i went back on the C4 mixer just to try a few things... after another terrifying "problem", i realized that i couldn't reach in the Project page tracks which have been hidden in the mixer...

Well now i"m back to Quiet mode !!  lol !!

But, for the moment, to me, it's a little bit curious... because navigating in the mixer isn't the same as navigating in the project page... isn't it ?... Wathever... i now know that i have to show all the kinds of tracks i use, in the mixer, to keep cool while working in the project page...

Wow... is what i'm saying clear ?... not so far from midnight, here... so... a bit tired and writing in english... what a challenge !  ;)

And.... thanks for this quick answer !

sakamacheee wrote:

hmmm... the AT seems not to be used to switch between the three mixers of C4, isn't it ?...

I wanted to use the first mixer to show only the audio tracks, the second one to show the midi tracks... but i just can navigate in the principal mixer, the first one, whith the AT...

Did i miss something ?...


CS:No, you didn't miss anything. Currently Steinberg's external control code only gives us access to the main mixer.



sakamacheee wrote:

Ok... so sad... do you think it may change one day ?... or will it be a CC121 exclusive feature  ?...



shayleon wrote:

indeed very bad news.
I always use mixer 1 for the mono channels, and mixer2 for groups, so after the primary state, most of the mixing is done in mixer2. Guess I have to change my habits..