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Ive had the alphatrack for a few months now and i'm begining to see how limited it is when handling plugins( almost about to buy a nocturn for automap 3).

I have a feature request that I think would make the alphatrack more usefull when handling plugins. Currently in plugin mode all the plugins parameters are available but you have to scroll through so many screens to find the parameter you are looking for which makes the process so slow.

- My feature request is to make the alphatrack jump to the selected parameter when you use the mouse to click it on the computer. I think this would be a really quick way to edit the parameter u want without having to scroll through so many pages.

Again an auto-jump to select parameter page when u use the mouse to click on the plugins knob. Then u can use maybe the flip feature to make the changes.

Is this possible via an update?

Im using Logic Pro 8

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Nice ideas

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Hi Colonyrecords,

yes, that might be a cool feature if done right. Technically it is possible, however it is actually tougher to do then maybe it seems. In order for it to work in most apps you would have to declare an encoder as a separate device at the driver level so that it could be directly controlled by the mouse. This would mean that it wouldn't be available for normal purposes.

Some apps, like Samplitude for example, have taken a different approach and written a similar ability right into their external control code. This makes it much easier to implement since we can use a normal device driver to access it.


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Hi there,

I've specifically joined this forum to request the same feature. To click on a plug-in parameter and see it displayed on the the Alphatrak ready to tweak would make things much more immediate.

I'm very happy with the Alphatrack and this extra feature would be the icing on the cake :)

I'm also using Logic 8.

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Any updates on this feature request or was it just brushed to the side like other requests???

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Sorry, no new information. While this is not something the AlphaTrack was originally designed to do, it is a nice idea and we have added it to the list of things to explore for future work. But due to the considerable resources involved in adding it we have not made a schedule for it at this time.