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I am trying to set up alphatrack to use with protools 7 and am finding it problematic. Is anyone using this set up?


Brian in Ireland

Re: Protools and Alphatrack

Hi Brian,

what sort of problems are you having? I believe that Pro Tools users are or biggest user group. Things should be pretty smooth.

Mac or PC? What version of PT7?


Re: Protools and Alphatrack

I am using PT 7.4 on a hd system.

I have set up a small session nwith just 2 channels and one Stereo Aux return and a stereo master fader.

When I plugin the AT I find that the fader works on CH1 and I can step thru the other chs with the arrows.
Like wise the pans work on the Righthand encoder as I step across....until I get to the aux Stereo return...which has 2 pan faders....cant seem to control both....

Then I press the send button...

Choosing the first channel again with the arrow buttons I adjust the send level with the rh encoder......nothing happens....the screen says audio 1 senda post....but no movement of the send fader.

I find if I CTRL SHFT CLICK on the channel...then I get control of the send fader.....

I cant access sends above e......

When I press EQ the display says:

No EQ3 plugin on insert c

Really dont know what that means?

I have sends ABCDE

I have no insert called C

I assume C might be the 3rd insert so put 4-band eq3 on that insert.

no joy

Try eq3 on all the inserts....still no joy

Seriously thinking ebay at this stage....


Re: Protools and Alphatrack

Hello Brian,

Can you confirm that you are running the latest driver version from our downloads page. Also review the latest Pro Tools Guide farther down the same page. … _v1.1a.pdf

AlphaTrack, like all 3rd party controllers, MUST emulate and use the HUI protocol when working with Pro Tools. Therefore you may find a few things that behave in what seems an odd way to stay within those boundries.

Panning is one of those things. When you select PAN mode the right-hand encoder becomes Pan control for MONO tracks/busses, and the Left-side of STEREO tracks/busses. To control STEREO tracks/busses Pro Tools uses an entirely separate knob. Therefore, if you press the PAN mode button a second time it will start to flash indicating that you now can control the right-side. This behavior is a bit odd, but has been dictated by Digidesign and has been unchanged for a long time.

Likewise, the HUI spec allows us access to the first 5 SENDS (A-E), and the first 5 INSERT slots (A-E). Digidesign has recently expanded these to 10 each but has not added support for them to other manufacturers via the HUI spec. So we are limited to A-E only.

EQIII, I am not sure if you are confusing Sends and Inserts here.  Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing, Insert slots A-E are above the Sends A-E on the Mixer panel. They may be hidden from view via display options.  Adding an EQIII (multi-mono) into Insert slot C should make it appear when you select EQ mode. It should also be available if you select PLUG-IN mode and choose insert C. The difference being that the PLUG-IN mode displays the parameters in a different way. See the ProTools Guide for details on that.

Check these things out and let us know if things work any better.