Topic: Can I re-assign / remap anything to control specific CC's ??

amdrecording wrote:

Dear group,

I would like to customize the Alphatrack to suit my specific, evil needs. I want to be able to use the rotary knobs/fader to control specific CC Data. Is this possible at all??



James Steele wrote:

I dunno, but I've heard it rumored that "evil" is supposedly against Frontier's corporate philosophy.  :P

amdrecording wrote:

I can appreciate frontier's position, but hope they don't discriminate against me just because I'm evil!!

CS:Now listen here Mr. Evil,

James is right, we don't like much havin' yer kind 'round here, being evil an all. But if I was wantin to control these CC things you talk about with my AlphaTrack I would have to use some sorta translation program cause the AT just doesn't have the where with all to conjure them up all on its own. Depending on what kind of computin device you evil folks use you might check in to Bome's MIDI Translator (PC) or MIDIstroke (Mac). You can find the complete Native mode MIDI output in a pdf document here.

Now go hug someone and be less evil.


amdrecording wrote:

Haha - Thanks for the advice. The Native Mode link that you sent looks waaay too complicated for me, so unless I go out and get an advanced degree in music technology, I should probably steer clear.

I'll check out the software, and thanks again! I'll go hug someone and try and shed my evil ways. :)