Topic: Tranzport stopped working and midi died in Logic

Hi, after never having any problems with tranzport it stopped working with Logic, light comes on but it does not respond otherwise or show any information in the led screen.  I tried deleting from the CS Setup in Logic and it actually made things worst, now no midi input device works in Logic.

I uninstalled and re-installed Tranzport, works fine with PT but not Logic, it will simply appear as a control surface but does not work, no midi works and when I exit the session it freezes.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Re: Tranzport stopped working and midi died in Logic

Hello gpgiusti,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. The good news is that if the TranzPort is working ok in Pro Tools then you know for certain that it is OK. I am guessing that something got corrupted in your Mac or Logic Preferences somewhere.

Have you made any changes or done any updates to your TranzPort or Logic prior to this occurring?

1. Repairing permissions on your computer
2. going to Logic Preferences/MIDI and Resetting All MIDI Ports.
3. Going to the Mac Audio/MIDI setup and creating a "New Configuration" from the menu at the top.