Topic: Glitch in sonar 7-8; pan mode, track encoder issue

Alphatrack is awesome!

Here's the issue described:
When in console view (fader channel page), I notice that when I turn the encoder for track select in pan mode, some of my channelparameters are changed. In other words, I scroll with track select past the right of the screen, and the pan control on channel 3 moves as I turn the track select encoder. This is not only annoying, but renders the alphatracks useless. Track buttons seem to not affect parameter.

Is this a bug, or is this user error on my part.

Re: Glitch in sonar 7-8; pan mode, track encoder issue

Hello Jupiter6,

I have not heard of this reported before but I just tried a test on one of my office machines to see if I could replicate the problem. So far I haven't been able to.

Do you have any custom MIDI commands programmed that might be affecting it?

You might try going back to the Control Surfaces set-up panel and deleting the AlphaTrack. Then add it back in again. Sometimes this clears out odd glitched in SONAR.