Topic: Bad issue with Winamp

Rhino wrote:

Hi folks,
new here, hello to everybody !
Got a Tranzport last week, works great in C4.
Extremely cool device !
I have a bad issue with Winamp though (V5.x with Loopmaster plugin):
I've been using Winamp to learn guitar parts from mp3 files for ages, with the loopmaster plugin to give me AB repeat. Never had any problems on several machines.
My DAW is multiboot, XP64 (working OS) and XP Pro32 (for legacy compatibility).
On both partitions, after installing the Tranzport driver 1.41 my Winamp timeline is completely messed up.
Play a song, loop 2nd verse, Winamp jumps back to somewhere in the intro and displaying the wrong time.
Same if you manually go back in the timeline, so it most certainly ain't the Loopmaster plugin.
Disabling Tranzport driver is not a solution since I quite often have C4 open while working with Winamp.
What's up ? User error ? Bug ?
Any help much appreciated !
my specs:
P5K-E Wifi AP, Q9450, 4GB OCZ, 7600GS, HDSPe Digiface, 3 UAD-1 PCI,  Duende PCIe, Antec P-182, XP Pro, XP64

CS:Hello Rhino,

Not sure why you would be seeing this behavior. While we don't support Winamp control directly, we are not aware of it interfering with it either. You might check your Winamp preferences to make sure it is not trying to access it. I would also make sure that the TranzPort is not selected as the default MIDI device in your Windows 'Sound and Audio Devices' control panels, on the bottom of the Audio tab.