Topic: Feature request, display timecode on alphatrack

Quick feature request. Although the AlphaTrack is designed to work in conjunction with the mouse and keyboard/display, it'd be great to be able to flip the display into timeline mode where you see the timecode/bars and beat position.

At the moment i'm resorting to using an iPhone app to show the time whilst using the alphatrack for transport when away from the monitor/recoding.

Re: Feature request, display timecode on alphatrack

Hey Jim,

I realize you posted this in April, still I thought I'd let you know that its quite easy to interface with the Alphatrack using Python.
(In case you've never heard of Python, its a scripting language which is quite easy to learn.)

Writing to the screen is the equivalent of sending a MIDI System Exclusive message, formatted in "Alphatrack-Display".

I'd say getting the Timecode out of the program your using is harder.
Just to let you know of that possibility.