Topic: Jerky fader - Samplitude 10.1

t-tom wrote:

I have just purchased AlphaTrack to use with Samplitude 10.1.  It is generally working, but when writing fader automation levels, the fader acts as though it is not fully sensing touch.  The motor tries to keep the fader in one position, and the automation data is slow/eratic to update in Samplitude ... not all data points are being recognized/written.  Its not possible to write a smooth fade because all the necessary data points are not being generated and the fader is trying to resist movement.

I cannot determine if this is a hardware problem with AlphaTrack, or a settings/config problem.  I have run the AlphaTrack "calibrate" procedure, but that makes no difference.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

CS:Hello t-tom,

That isn't normal behavior. Any chance your computer is lacking an AC earth ground? It sounds like maybe it is picking up AC noise and reacting to it. Do you see any other display issues or is it just the fader? Normally a ground problem will also affect the display. If it is only the fader then my first guess would be a midi issue somewhere. Let us know and we'll go from there.


t-tom wrote:

The problem indeed was ground related and seems now to be resolved.  Thanks to Mike at Frontier for his prompt response to my email enquiry and for sending me down the right path.  That's what I call GREAT customer service!`