Topic: Digi 003 protools 7.4 help

I had to reinstall my tranzport on a new computer, now the tranzport isnt showing up on the list of contollers in the peripherals window, I chose HUI and I selected protools on the tranzport applet but still nothing. and i installed the drivers twice ahh
help please Jim

Re: Digi 003 protools 7.4 help

Hello jt1028,

sorry  for the delay, I missed this one somehow.

A few important questions. Mac or PC? Is the Link LED lighting up ok? And finally, after choosing HUI in the MIDI Controllers list where you able to choose the TranzPort as the MIDI ports for Send and Receive?

I assume that at least part of the driver is running if you are able to select "ProTools(HUI)" mode. If the MIDI ports aren't set then check that. If they aren't an available option than check the following.

Mac - open AudioMIDI Setup and create a new configuration. This lets the Mac rescam for MIDI devices. You can also try repairing permissions and then reinstalling the latest drivers if needed.

PC - Open the Hardware Device Manager and make sure that you have 2 devices listed for TranzPort. One for the basic driver and a 2nd for the TranzPort WDM driver. The WDM part is the MIDI layer. If that is missing then disconnect the TranzPort and rerun the installer. Be sure the "New Hardware Wizard" runs through twice after you reconnect the USB interface.

If none of this helps give us as much detail about your system and what you see as possible. I'm sure we can get you sorted out.