Topic: Can Alphatrack control mod wheel?

I think this was asked before the server crashed, but I forgot the answer.

Re: Can Alphatrack control mod wheel?

Hello Sunshy,

ya, I think you are right, but we lost a lot of files in that crash.

Anyhow, to answer the question, .........well kinda!
How's that for a direct answer.

In normal conditions when using AlphaTrack with a DAW like Cubase, SONAR, PT or most of the others, AlphaTrack can not send a specific CC message. However, if you access that same parameter using Plug-In mode then AT can control it with an encoder. And in many apps you can then use the FLIP function to control it with the fader for finer control.

The other option is to use a program such as Bome's MIDI Translator to convert your AT's output to other MIDI messages such as a CC value. Using this method however, means that you don't use the normal control setup, and won't have all of the normal controls of the AlphaTrack.


Re: Can Alphatrack control mod wheel?

Thank you for the info.