Topic: Dakota with something other than Montana?

I can't locate a Montana to increase my ADAT I/O count.  Will the Dakota work along side an EMU 1820 without giving me any grief?

Re: Dakota with something other than Montana?

Well, that all depends on what DAW software you are using. We were careful to write the Dakota's drivers to 'play friendly' with other hardware. But that doesn't necessarily mean that theirs are as well, or a particular DAW will handle it ok. For example, if your DAW uses the WDM audio driver format then you may be ok. The WDM spec allows device sharing or multiple audio devices. However, ASIO format is just the opposite. 1 Device and NO sharing allowed. If you were assigning each device to a separate software programs then again, you might be just fine.

Sorry there isn't a simple yes/no answer.