Topic: Moving between tracks using the mouse

I just got my Alphatrack and I really like it. The only problem I have is that I cannot figure out how to skip between far away channels in my DAW when using the mouse to select a track. an example of this is, in pro tools i have track (1) selected and I want to skip to track (32) with the mouse, but it seems impossible unless i skip in masseurs of 8 tracks using the Alphatrack track buttons. am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to choose any track i want in protools using only the mouse and make the Alphatrack control it?

That would be really nice :)

Oh, sorry for the very bad english, hope that you can understand my post .

Re: Moving between tracks using the mouse

Hello EH,

your English is just fine! I understand your question just fine.

It is true that Pro Tools (using the HUI protocol) is a little wonky when selecting tracks with the mouse. However it can be done.

Depending on what version of PTs you have the correct way to select a track with the mouse AND relocate your controller to the same track is either;

CTRL+Click, or Right-Click (for earlier versions of Pro Tools)

Shift+CTRL+Click, or Shift+Right-Click ( for later versions.)

Hope that helps,



Re: Moving between tracks using the mouse

Thanks  :) I'll try it