Topic: TranzPort and Logic 5.5.1

Harry wrote:


I consider buying the TranzPort but liked to check a couple of thing before the decision:

1. Does the TranzPort work with /support the Logic 5.5.1/PC version?

2. Can I choose and delete recorded tracks with the TranzPort interface?
    In my workflow the very basic feature is that I record->listen->delete/accept
    the recorded track.  Can I point the track and delete it without going to my
    keyboard and mouse ( = does the TranzPort include some kind of mouse pointer +
    deleting function button?).


CS:Hello Harry,

Sorry no, Logic 5 only supports a very limited set of controllers and won't talk to the TranzPort natively. It may be possible to use a program like Bome's MIDI Translator to set up template for it but I haven't tried it myself. Logic started officially supporting TranzPort with version 7.0.1.

Because there is no standard set of MIDI commands that all recording applications support, the TranzPorts capabilities vary from one program to the next.  For instance, TranzPort may be able to add or delete tracks in Sonar but not in ProTools. Some programs just don't expose all of their controls to external control.

TranzPort can select tracks for recording and a number of other functions but doesn't have a 'mouse pointer' ability.

I hope this helps answer your questions.