Topic: Misbehaving Alphatrack

Hi. I've been using Alphatrack for a year and a half now with Adobe Audition 2 running on a Pentium 4 HP desktop and Windows XP Pro.
In the last couple of days the Alphatrack has developed some bad habits. When powering up the PC the fader goes to the top of the track and you can hear the motor trying to push it further. When running Audition, touching the fader drops the selected track to zero and moving the fader no longer moves the on screen ones or adjusts the level. Touching the pan control makes the screen cycle through all the rotary contol functions.
My set up has not been changed for the last year so what is going on?

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Re: Misbehaving Alphatrack

Howdy Wizzomixman,

I suppose there are a few things you can check to try and narrow down the problem.

Any chance you have changed the grounding to that computer? The part about the screen changing modes sounds like noise bleeding into the unit. This is usually caused by an ungrounded computer.

If that's not it, click on the AlphaTrack taskbar icon and make sure it is still in "Native" mode. Any other setting can cause bizarre bahavior.

If the AT is plugged into a USB hub, check that its power supply is connected and working. You can also try a different port on the computer to make sure there isn't a problem with a port.

Next, run the self calibration routine. Press Shift+Stop+F4 and release.  The fader should travel slowly to the top and bottom and then return to its original position.

Try these things and let us know what you find.