Topic: Fader automatically goes to bottom. . .why???

i have the alphatrack just lugged in to my laptop (mac)
and its installed on version 1.3.0
where the mute solo and rec functions work fine along with all of the rec forward reverse and ribbon strip all work fine, so im not sure if its just the fader is broke in which cse im sending it off to be fixed. lol
The system i am using is logic pro.
it takes the slightest touch on the fader when the level on a track shoots straight up to +6.0

can anybody help me please???

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Re: Fader automatically goes to bottom. . .why???

Hello Ben,

There are several things that you can check which might cause your symptom.

You can test the fader by running the self calibration routine. Press SHift+Stop+F4 and release. It should travel up and down slowly and then return to its original position.

You might also try using a different USB port. We have seen a few cases where a USB hub or port could cause noise in the data that the Alphatrack would mis-interpret.

Also, verify that the AlphaTrack is set to Native mode and the Cubase Device Setup is configured for 1 instance of "Frontier AlphaTrack" and not a "Mackie Control".

Hope that helps. If not then give us as much detail about your configuration as you can and we'll go from there.