Topic: Tranzport on new Mac G5 - won't appear

I have run Tranzport for ages on my Mac PowerPC. Having trouble getting Tranzport to show up in the menu bar on a brand new Mac G5 8 core running Leopard 10.5.4. I've installed correctly, but when I run the Tranzport App it says "Tranzport not available".

It is plugged in the USB port. I've tried binding etc.

I'm a huge fan of Tranzport by the way.

Re: Tranzport on new Mac G5 - won't appear

Hi Towser,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties, but I'm sure we can help you solve it. There are a few things that can cause this problem. Check these things in this order.

1. Make sure that you are installing the latest drivers for the TranzPort from our website downloads page. The older drivers on your original CDROM may not be Intel Mac compatible.

2. Be sure to run the TranzPort Installer from inside the folder it comes in. This folder also contains the "Remover" and a hidden folder with all of the component files. If you drag the Installer out onto your desktop alone than it can't find all of the support files to install.

3. Repair Permissions. This should be done periodically anyway. Go to MacHD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utilities. Launch Disk Utilities and select your system HD on the left, then click on "Repair Permissions". Then restart. It may take a few minutes to run.

4. Open the Mac AudioMIDI Setup panel, also in the Utilities folder. Click on the MIDI tab and in the "Configuration" menu select 'Create' new.  This will force the Mac to rescan  all MIDI devices.

One of these things should do the trick. Let us know how it all works out.


Re: Tranzport on new Mac G5 - won't appear

Thanks CS. Downloaded latest drivers for Tranzport and Digital Performer and everything worked straight away. The CD that same with my new Tranzport had quite an old driver. Repair Permission I have used in the past to solve lost drivers, but this usually only happens after the installation of new software elsewhere, and Tranzport has NEVER stopped running on my PowerPC even with Mackie and Euphonix controls surfaces running at the same time. There is NOTHING like the Tranzport for setting and navigating markers.

Re: Tranzport on new Mac G5 - won't appear

Glad to hear it. Enjoy!