Topic: I just purchased the AT!

jpoprock wrote:

I got lucky and purchased a used AlphaTrack from a guy in the forum for $120! Should be here next week! He didn't use it much due to "bad power" in his house. Said that the unit didn't play nice, but when he used it as his friends house, it worked perfectly. He wants a Faderport instead. He also said that he sent it back to the company and they flashed the firmware (I didn't realize that you couldn't do it yourself?), and they also included "new knobs" for him. I wonder if FA changed the knob design then? What's this about your power source not playing nice too? I have a dedicated circuit with brand new wiring fed to my gear, so I should be fine.

I also found a great deal on a Digi Command 8 that I'm going to buy soon. I'll probl use the AT in remote situations, or I may find that it suits me better than the C8, of which I could probably sell it and make money since I'm getting such a great deal to begin with.

Thanks guys!

CS:Hello jporock,

yes, we did design a new style knob set based on customer feedback, They provide a bit more grip.

The power problwm is really a ground problem. If your computers PSU isn't plug-in into a grounded outlet, or your laptop power supply doesn't have the ground pin then the AlphaTrack can get fed noise from the power which it may translate as touch messages. If you have a decent ground as most people do then it shouldn't be an issue.

A note regarding the Command8, it is the only Digi controller that doesn't allow any other MIDI controller to be used along side it. That's in the fine print of the C8 manual. I have no idea what the rational was behind that decision. You can edit the MIDI Controller setup panel and alternate between the C8 and the AlphaTrack without closing PT though.


jpoprock wrote:

Well, that is a bummer that I can't use the Command 8 w/ the AT. I thought about instead buying a Mackie Control Univ, but since I mostly use Pro Tools, I think the Command 8 would be the best. However, I also like Logic Pro and Live too. I think the C8 works with those as well. If I didn't use Pro Tools, I'd probl get the Mackie. But I don't see myself giving up on PT. I'm only now learning Logic Pro. And there are an awful lot of Logic users out there. So maybe I'll find myself using that more and more. I'm just so familiar w/ PT's editing, and could never quite get the hang of Logic. But this new version seems really cool, plus, I've never taken the time to properly learn it either.

The guy that sold me the AT said he didn't have a ground wire in his outlet. Mine is grounded, so I should have no problems.