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glvaughan wrote:

Help.  I've been a Transport user for years, but now I'm stuck. No icon, no binding.

I've loaded Transport 1.3 on an old iBook G3 running OSX 10.3.9.  My sole use for this setup is to trigger audio drum files (in Quicktime) to play along with at an upcoming party.  I use Midi Stroke to translate the incoming midi signals from Transport into SPACE commands on the keyboard.  This all worked great last year.

The hard drive on the iBook (blue clamshell) is so small that, in order to reclaim needed space,  I completely erased the drive and reinstalled system software and TransPort 1.3.  Now, TransPort doesn't work at all.

No icon appears in the menu bar, and I am unable to bind the remote with the TransPort unit.  When I plug in the remote via the USB port, it blinks a couple of times, but is then unresponsive - the LED doesn't blink when I press the button.  I know the computer "sees" the remote, because it shows up in the audio midi setup in the utilities folder.  So, it appears that the USB port is working.  I've also uninstalled and reinstalled Transport several times.  No luck.

I use Transport in my recording studio with a Mac G5 and Cubase 4, where everything runs fine.  That eliminates any problems with the TransPort hardware.

So, what am I missing and how do I get this back up and running properly?

CS: Hello glvaughan,

If you aren't getting an icon for the TranzPort Manager then it won't bind. So we have to sovle that problem first and then the binding will probably be fine. Since we know the unit physically works on another machine then we can focus on the Mac. Is there any chance that when you   installed the OS on the Mac that you chose not to install the BSD Subsystem in an effort to conserve HD space??? That would do it. TranzPort needs that code to operate correctly.

If this is the case then run the OS installer, select 'Customise' and just add the BSD Subsystem back in.


glvaughan wrote:

Bless you Brian!  You were absolutely on target.  Thinking I had no need for it, I chose not to install the BSD subsystem.  Once I installed BSD, the missing icon magically reappeared.  Thanks so much for your prompt solution.  Massive relief here.

Re: No TransPort icon - no connection

I recently had my Tranzport stop working for the most part. I use it with Logic 8 on my MBP and Sequoia on my PC. The issue seems to be the USB side. Functions fine for a bit and then disappears. I gurss the USB interface is bad as the problem happens on all my computers.

Can the USB component be repaired or replaced separately?

Re: No TransPort icon - no connection

Hello Wavespank,

sure, they can be repaired, or replaced if beyond repair. I believe the fee is about $50 + shipping. You can call our support line at 603-448-6283 x107 and get an RMA issued to send it in on.