Topic: Automation of expression

tomharrer wrote:


I was wondering if it's possible to automate expression (ctrl 11) with the Alphatrack. If anyone has already done the research please pass on this valuable knowledge. At this stage I get the impression that there is no way to write midi automation with a motorised fader.

(I'm using Logic 8 and VSL SE)


CS:Hello Tom,

check out the 'Flip' function on page 9 of the Logic Guide ( … T_v1.1.pdf). While we can't control specific cc values, any function that is accessible via an encoder can be flipped to the fader for more detailed control.

Hope that helps.


tomharrer wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

I have since figured out a workaround. You can automate any midi control data if you do a bit of work in Logic's environment.

1. Create a regular instrument (midi)
2. Process this through a transformer object (midi monitors are your friend here)
3. As input select volume (cc7), as output choose what you wish to control (cc11 or custom control number for cell crossfade or filter control etc)
4. Cable the transformer to the audio instrument you wish to control

Now, when this midi instrument is selected in the arrange page, you can automate any midi data with all the functionality normally reserved for track automation only.

Unfortunately this will work for only 2 parameters per instrument as only pan and volume show up on the Alphatrack as automatable parameters for midi instruments.

Until Logic allows track automation to control basic midi cc's, we will have to deal with this slightly more messy approach. Of course once you've set up your detailed template you can use the hide show option to clean up the arrange page.

(It might be handy to post this as a tip for people who wish to have motorised control over software or hardware that is linked through midi control only. Of course this applies to Logic only, but the principle might be applicable in other hosts and people can post their methods)