Topic: Neither Tiger nor Leopard compability, so when is an update?

dariin wrote:

I change to Tiger on my studio and  bought a laptop that comes with Leopard fot home.
In neither one works Alphtrack. I thought it was my new Nuendo 4 but is the OS.
When are you doing an update?


James Steele wrote:

This is odd.  I'm using Alphatrack with Digital Performer and using the latest version of Leopard and it's the bee knees over here.  Well apart from rare times when I lose communication with the AT... but for the most part it's working.

Simplemind: Hi,

CS is out of the office today, so let me see if I can help. Lots of users run AlphaTrack on Tiger and Leopard, in a wide variety of configurations and applications. I don't have a copy of Nuendo 4 handy, but I'm running AT with Cubase 4  right now on a Macbook Pro with 10.5.2.

Let me see if I can add anything to what you have tried. Now, when you click the "+" in the upper left hand of the Devices Dialog window there should be a Frontier AlphaTrack in the list, which might be easy to miss if you are only looking for AlphaTrack. Once you have selected it you will see Frontier AlphaTrack in the Remote Devices section and clicking that will show a new panel on the right for selecting the MIDI input/output along with key mappings.

One thing that I'd seen on one of our earlier Nuendo setups was a "component" folder instead of or in addition to the "components" folder. When you put the AlphaTrackCN.bundle file into "components" are you seeing other bundles as well? And, finally, if you still aren't seeing it could you open Console (Applications/Utilities) before firing up Nuendo and then as Nuendo starts up see if you are getting any relevant error messages.

Let us know what you find.

CS: Hi Dariin,

one other note, you didn't mention if the AlphaTrack was bing recognized by the computer itself. When you connect the unit do you see an AlphaTrack icon appear at the top of your screen? If so then the drivers are probably working just fine and I would check as Simplemind suggests above.

If not then either something is wrong with the driver install, or the USB connection. Let us know what you can and we'll be glad to help.


dariin wrote:

I can see the AT icon on the top of my screemn
Ok, problem solve.
Sorry for taking so long to answer.
It finaly works, it was my fault because I put the bundle in the Contents folder instead of the Component folder inside the Contents one.

Thanks very much

CS: Fantastic!