Topic: In logic , by selecting a bus on alphatrack, the 2nd slider in the arr

Jim Bannockx wrote:

I try to use alphatrack as much as possible in my working environment. Now , when i'm in arrange window in logic and I use my mouse to select a bus (sends) on a highlighted track the slider on the right changes directly to the bus slider, to make the changes i wanna do. On the other hand, if I do the same on alphatrack. I select send... destn. bus 1. I can see the change on the selected track but the slider on the right stays on output 1-2, it will not change to the bus slider for further editing. This is the case when the  selected bus track is empty, without plug-ins.  If there is a plug-in active, it works.
For me it's a small problem because, after inputting a bus on a track with alphatrack, I have manually to select the bus track to put a plug-in on it.  so,more movements to do..

that's it. Hope my english is not soooo bad.
grtz. Jim

CS:Hello Jim,

Your English is fine, but I am not sure I fully understand your post. Is the following correct?

Task: Adding a send to a track, and giving it a previously unused destination, ex. Bus 3, which has not been configured in the Mixer yet for any other track and does not currently appear in the Mixer window.

Result: If done using the mouse Logic will automatically add, and display the new Bus channel to the Mixer window and show it on the right side of the Track Inspector panel. You can then add plug-ins to the desired Bus channel directly from the Track Inspector, or the Mixer.

If done with AT, Logic does not automatically display the new Buss channel in the Mixer window so it doesn't appear in the Track Inspector either. Meaning you must add it to the Mixer window manually the first time, after which it behaves as expected.

If this is an accurate description of the problem you are seeing then I believe this is a low level difference in how Logic handles external controllers vrs. mouse/keyboard control and may not be something we can control.  I will check with our Logic plug-in programmer to confirm whether we have any options to more closely emulate the Mouse behavior but my guess is that we don't. I'll post back when I know for sure.


Jim Bannockx wrote:

You described exactly the problem I have. Thanks for the quick response. If no solution is available  right now, I change my templates in logic, and put some plugins on the first 8 busses, in case I need them. A workaround 4 the moment.
By the way , it's great to have straight to the point feedback.... Great company.

grtz. Jim.

CS: Hello Jim,

ok, we had a chance to look at this a bit deeper, and just as I suspected, it is an issue within Logic itself. We can't be sure if it is intended behavior for some reason, or more likely an oversight in their external control code. If you try the same thing with a Mackie Control for instance, you will see the same result.

You current work-around seems like a good way to deal with it for the time being.


Jim Bannockx wrote:

Thank you for the answer.