Topic: Tranzport/ Logic 7 stopped working suddenly

holywellwalker wrote:

After a year of flawless operation, my tranzport is doing strange stuff. Brand new batteries, link light showing on both controller and receiver, but nothing comes up on the tranzport's screen when I press buttons ( with the exception of the battery check).

Nothing has changed software, system or cable wise. Only a few days ago I was showing someone how great this unit was- I have reinstalled the mac driver, restarted, changed batteries.  Still kaput. Any ideas please?

Mac G5 dual 2.7 Ghz running 10.4.11,  Logic 7.2.0 etc

CS: Logic may have just confused its MIDI settings, which is not all that uncommon. Go to Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup and highlight, then delete the TranzPort icon. Close and relaunch Logic. Normally that will fix it.


holywellwalker wrote:

OK. That works. Thank you.