Topic: Autotune in Pro Tools

jpoprock wrote:

Hey all. I've been messing with my new Alphatrack and it's great. I must say there is quite a bit of a learning curve to it though. There are so many shifts and alt functions that it will take some memorizing. But for basic functions, it's great!

I was fixing a vocal track last night with Autotune 4 and I noticed when the plugin was active, that some of the parameters were surrounded by a blue box. Weird parameters that I'd never use. Midi stuff I think. I wasn't quite sure if those were assignable, or if AT just senses what it can control and does it?

Also, when I pressed the Plugin button, and then turned it, it would cycle from A-G. Autotune was on A, but when I'd turn the knob to cycle thru them and return back to A, Autotune wasn't available. I'd have to close the plug in box that was once Autotune, and then reopen the plugin window to see the contents. Mind you, I didn't have any other plugs running except Autotune, but I feel that when I returned to A after turning the dial, Autotune should have been infront of me and it was not.

Any tips?


CS: Hello jpoprock,

While in Plug-In mode you can scroll through each of the insert slots (A-G) of each channel. Because of the way AlphaTrack has to communicate with ProTools, if you scroll to quickly, it can loose track of which slot it is looking at. In that case simply changing channels or modes momentarily will usually correct its focus.

Anyway, the blue highlighted parameters that you see on a plug-in window should appear in groups of 4, and move as you scroll through a particular plug-ins parameters. This is because an actual HUI (which all 3rd party manufacturers have to emulate in ProTools) has 4 parameter control knobs and banks through them in sets of 4. The highlighted ones are to show you where the actual HUI knobs a focused at that moment.  With AlphaTrack, as you scroll though parameters (1 at a time) it will go through each of those 4 highlighted ones, and then jump to the next set of 4 (1 at a time). So the highlights just give you some idea of what group od parameters the AlphaTrack it going through at that moment.

Hope that helps.