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Weird, I suddenly have no display LED

I have One green LED

It kinda works, but I cant tell where I am or whats going on without the readout

Not dropped or abused
Changed batteries etc

What should I do ?


Sonar 7
Win XP SP2
Core2 Duo 3Ghz 2Gram
1.4 driver

Re: No Display

Hello Stratcat,

I'm guessing that 1 of 3 things has happened. Either the contrast has accidentally been turned down, the TranzPort isn't in 'Native' mode, or what's more likely, the midi port settings have changed in Sonar.

You can confirm the contrast thing really easy by simply pressing the battery button. If the battery level displays ok then the contrast isn't the problem. And click on the TranzPort icon to confirm it's in 'Native' mode.

What we see a lot with Sonar specifically is that the MIDI port settings in the SOnar/Options/Control Surface setup get changed really easily if you ever launch Sonar before all of your MIDI devices are turned On  or connected. Sonar just reassigns things on its own.

Check these things out and let us know what you find.


Re: No Display


Yep, Sonar was acting goofy!
ACT midi controller had the Tranzport greyed out!

I removed the tranzport from the control surfaces
Added it in as a new Midi device


Merci Beau coup !
and many thanks!

( and thanks for the quick response email, Mike )

Tranzport is the greatest DAW invention of this century!

Thank You All

Re: No Display

It happened again
My Act Midi controller (UsB) screwed up my tranzport display

Could this be caused by wireless INet interference ?

Re: No Display

Hi Stratcat,

Is there any chance that your ACT device, or any other MIDI device wasn't connected when you first launched SONAR?

With SONAR in particular it is VERY important to be sure all of your MIDI devices are connected and turned on before you launch the app. If you reach over and flip on a keyboard while you're working then poof, all your port settings get tossed.

I haven't seen any cases caused by other wireless gear but I can't say for sure it can't happen. Because the computer, and SONAR, only know about the TranzPort's USB interface. They don't know anything about the wireless aspect of it. That is only between the interface and the TranzPort remote itself. Even if something interrupts the radio signal (say you're standing next to the microwave while making popcorn) it should haven't any affect on SONAR's settings. When the interruption goes away then the TranzPort should work normally again.


Re: No Display

I keep these things plugged into my non internetted DAW at
all times

Everythings on and available for Sonar to see everything.
I look to verify my kbd and TPort blink acknowledgment.

What about hacking ( neighbors ) seeing this device ?

Or an extended powered down state?

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hmmmm...., when this occurs and you go back to look at your Sonar Control Surface settings, is the TranzPort still listed correctly in all three boxes? ie it should say "TranzPort" for Type, In, and Out.

What is your ACT controller and how is it configured in the setup?


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the act midi controller Edirol Pcrm80 takes on a transport for input
when i reset the pcrm80 back to EdirolPCR I can reset the transport to transport in sonars controller dialog box
and  it lights right back up again automatically

Edirol Pcrm driver is 2.0.1  ( I think )
I suspect it since act never works right either

Mybe it me ?!!!


Re: No Display

Ya, that sounds like the EdirolPCR MIDI IN port is disappearing at some point causing Sonar to rearrange the ports it thinks it has left.  It steals the TranzPort IN port and gives it to the Edirol device.